Our Approach

Who We Are

Glass Road Studios is a studio management company. We help sell, store, teach, and provide support for new and aspiring artists.

Our Story

Our Story

This all started with a serial painter. Who wouldn't stop painting. Littering the house with hundreds of painted and unpainted miniatures. Trying to offset costs, this website was created.

Meet the Artists

Some artists will be open to custom orders, while others don't feel up to it yet. Feel free to reach out if you want something and we will do our best to meet your expectations.


Fantasy Miniatures

Loves role playing, video games, and works as a programmer. Great at painting miniature eyes.


Large Minis, Dragons, Multimedia

Prefers to paint dragons and animals. Horrible with human characters.


3D Printer

Prints plastic miniatures. Endlessly trying out new stuff.

Wylie Coyote

Humanoid Miniatures, Freestyle

Paints a lot of humans and humanoid miniatures. Likes to experiment with lots of brush and paint techniques.


3D Printer

Prints plastic miniatures. Lots and lots of soldiers.