Prepainted miniatures and art are sold with a set price mostly considering both the materials used and the quality of the paint job.


Want a neon blue mage? Rainbow coloured unicorn? You provide the money and inspiration, we'll provide the model and paint job. May be more expensive than prepainted.

Custom With Prepurchased Model

Already have a model but want one of us to paint it? Ship it to our office or meet us somewhere in the GTA. Prices will likely be similar to prepainted figures or even cheaper most of the time.


Why are the prices so low?

We place labour costs relatively low because most of the things sold on here are hobby items. We paint, draw, etc. as a hobby and would just like to decrease our costs.

Shipping and Handling Costs

Shipping and handling costs tend to be high because of the area we live in and how fragile some of our products are. Dropping off and picking up miniatures in person will negate all shipping and handling costs. Please email us at for more details.